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TEQSA and the A-Team

Evening all, Firstly apologies that there's been a lull in posting this week. My family had my mum's 70th last weekend (I only look and...

I have a cunning plan

Evening all, This plan is as cunning as a fox that's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University. We all know that,...

Linus, Ziggy and the third pill

Evening all, First, thankyou to those who provided feedback on the previous blog. I get that there's differing points of view on the way...

Winners and losers

Evening all, and welcome back to another week in the dream factory. As you may recall, where I left off before Easter was with a...

Satanic delivery rabbits

Hi all, Because this is the first day of a 4 day long weekend here in Australia, I'm going to spend as little of that time thinking about...

Bad suntans and lengthy journeys

Morning all, (11.48 AM Sydney time), This will actually be a short one because I'm going out with Mrs Guerilla for my birthday. Amidst...

Don't look at me, I'm hideous.

Evening all, The internet takes you strange places with your mind. When Twitter pal @alix_thoeming suggested talking about central...

So Guerilla, what's all that about?

Twitter names are funny things, sometimes. Some are very clever, some are just a name, some are funny but baffling like BonerHitler (not ...

Tear it down, or smile and nod

Evening friends. Like a prepper getting ready for the end of society, I thought I better prepare for the impeding collapse of twitter...

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