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So Guerilla, what's all that about?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Twitter names are funny things, sometimes. Some are very clever, some are just a name, some are funny but baffling like BonerHitler (not associated with Adolph Hitler, he's a chef actually.) I've had a few accounts over the years, and being an occasionally sweary type, I've lost a couple of soldiers in the twitter wars. My late and lamented @CCRaider account was created at a time when, for some reason, I was listening to Elvis a lot. I wanted CC (Contract Cheating) Rider, but it was taken so I plumped for Raider. When that account was KIA (*tear*) I needed a new suffix. So what led to the contract cheating part, and the Guerilla was thinking about the tactics that I and others used to detect and deter contract cheating.

Anyone who spent time walking around uni campuses prior to covid would have seen the posters advertising contract cheating on toilet doors, billboards, and sometimes in classes. My former colleague David had a great idea (among many) that we should subvert this by covering their QR codes with QR stickers of our own which sent students to a uni website politely reminding them of how many students had been found contract cheating that year.

The idea kinda got kyboshed by covid and other factors (*cough*), but you get the gist. Simply posting a website and building a Moodle module which says "cheating bad. Mmmkay?" will have little to no effect on students who like their odds of cheating and passing undetected. Part of our job is to change the calculation in student's minds, from risk free to risky, and those stickers were one small way to do that.

Anyhow, that's how CCGuerilla, and now this website came to be named.

As a postscript, aside from my obvious professional obsessions and my furry four-legged obsessions, and what Mrs Guerilla might want for dinner, among the other things that fill my brain are hundreds of quotes from a 1990s ABC Australia show called "The Late Show." This show featured the D-Generation/Working Dog group, and was great, take a look on Youtube. Anyway, they had one skit with Tony Martin and Mick Molloy which was them endlessly seeing random things and singing a song that ended every verse with "what's all that about?" and befuddlement. Writing the title of this post popped it into my head. Enjoy


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