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Brave New World

Evening all,

In April I presented at UC San Diego's virtual symposium on “The Threat & Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and Contract Cheating: Charting a Teaching & Learning Path Forward.” My talk was on detecting contract cheating. As I've mentioned, mass commercial contract cheating was the canary in the coalmine, and is still very much a live problem-one that higher ed has not even truly begun to come to grips with. The point of my talk is that doing something about it is very much doable! But we have to be smart, and do it in ways that are actually effective, and efficient.

Anyhow, rather than belabor the point, I'll direct you to the ICAI Integrity Matters blog where a follow piece I wrote was posted at their kind invitation.

Hopefully I'll have another post out this week.

Till next time,


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